Types of beetroot

Gone are the days when there was just one type of beetroot available in the supermarket. Now there are a number of options available including a number of pre-cooked varieties, ideal for use in a wide range of recipes, and saving you time, mess and ruby stained fingers as there’s no need to prepare it from raw.

Vacuum pack beetroot

Vacuum pack

Sure, vacuum pack beetroot is not the prettiest product on the fresh produce shelves, but it is a truly versatile ingredient, great for use in a wide range of recipes. Freshly cooked in its own juices and then vacuum packed for freshness, this type of beetroot is a handy store cupboard staple as it doesn’t need refrigerating and has a long shelf life. Vacuum pack beetroot can be used hot or cold in any recipe that calls for cooked beetroot, or in recipes that use raw beetroot; just reduce the cooking time accordingly. Handily, it can also be heated in the pack, either as boil in the bag or in the microwave (see our Cooking & cleaning section for more details). Found year round in the salad aisle in supermarkets.

Great for: snacking and salads as well as a wide range of recipes from dips like our Beetroot, walnut & herb dip with pitta crisps, mains such as Diana Henry’s Beetroot Risotto with Lancashire Cheese and even cakes like our Beetroot & Vanilla Cup Cakes with Rose Butter Icing

Fresh cooked beetroot

Cooked beetroot dipped in vinegar

Whole ruby red beetroot, freshly cooked and dipped in mild malt vinegar, this ready cooked variety of beetroot has a subtle sweet flavour which is much milder than traditional pickled beetroot. Available all year round and found in the chilled shelves in your supermarket’s fresh produce aisle.

Great for: salads and sandwiches, serving with cold meats, as part of a ploughman’s, as well as recipes that make the most of its subtle flavour like our Beetroot & Butterbean Hummus or Moroccan Beetroot & Mint Salad with Yogurt Dressing recipes

Fresh cooked flavoured beetroot

Infused beetroot

Sweet baby or cocktail beets cooked then dipped in a variety of natural marinades to give them a subtle hint of flavour. Flavours range from Juniper Berry and Black Pepper (a perfect accompaniment to cold red meats and game dishes) to Honey & Red Wine Vinegar (delicious in salads and with mild cheeses), and more. Find them on the chilled shelves in your supermarket’s fresh produce aisle year round.

Great for: snacking, salads, and sandwiches as well as recipes designed to make the most of their wonderful flavours like our Lamb & Beetroot Burgers with Feta

Jar of traditional beetroot

Bottled beetroot

Traditional pickled beetroot with a strong vinegar flavour, found in the grocery section of the supermarket year round.

Great for: salads and sandwiches.

Fesh raw beetroot

Raw beetroot

Sweet, earthy beetroot, usually sold in a bunch of 3 to 4 roots. Can be grated raw into salads or cooked whole for use in recipes (the skin is easily removed after cooking). For tips and information on the different ways to cook raw beetroot, see our Cooking & cleaning section. Availability can be limited depending on the time of year – the traditional British season begins in August.

Great for: boiling, baking, roasting, in chutneys like our Radish & Beetroot Chutney or raw in salads or juices.

All available at supermarkets nationwide.