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Beetroot {Beta Vulagris}

In the UK, beetroot is grown on the fertile soils of the Cambridgeshire fens – a traditional salad and vegetable growing area in the heart of England. The fens offer the perfect combination of soil, sun and water to produce a sweet, full flavoured root. Beetroots need a lot of sunshine to get the sweet taste they are renowned for.

The crops are grown from seed that is sown in May and the beetroot is ready to harvest from early July onwards. Once dug up, the beetroot is packed straight from the field. This continues throughout the growing season, which finishes in October. After this beetroot comes from store.

Naturally organic

Beetroot is one of the most environmentally friendly crops, rarely needing treatment with pesticides. The vegetable is best suited to the cooler growing conditions found in northern Europe and is an important part of Slav and Nordic cooking.

Meet the producer

G’s is a family business founded in 1952 by Guy Shropshire and is now run by his eldest son John Shropshire. Based near Ely in Cambridgeshire, the company is committed to managing the entire process from growing through to production and marketing and produces a range of salads and vegetables.The beetroot factory at March, also in Cambridgeshire was moved to its existing 15,800 square metre site in 2007. The factory is close to the main beetroot growing region in the Fens and employs up to 130 people in the summer season, producing 18,000 tonnes of beetroot with an annual turnover of £17.5m. The team select the beetroot and ensure it is washed, cooked and peeled. The site is audited and approved by British Retail Consortium and the Soil Association.

Keeping with tradition and moving with the times

Traditional beetroot is prepared with a fresh-from-the-kitchen approach, cooked in small batches to ensure quality. Following a Mrs Beeton recipe, a dash of specially selected mild malt vinegar or acetic acid is added to enhance the flavour and help extend its keeping qualities in your fridge. An exciting recent development is the new gourmet range of the sweetest baby beets, infused with quality vinegars and natural flavours.

G’s grow some of their own British beetroot, but most is grown by farmers and beetroot specialists Greens of Soham Ltd.